Kernel Brewery

The Kernel Brewery had reached the point where the electrically heated brewhouse needed to be replaced with a steam heated system. To achieve this they contacted Gravity Systems to supply a new hot liquor tank, copper, copper condenser and to rearrange the layout, including the grist handling, to fit everything in and at the same time improve the performance of existing equipment.

Space was limited and downtime had to be kept to a minimum, by working closely with the
brewery personnel Gravity Systems were able to completely rearrange the Brewhouse area by
modifying the mezzanine floor and repositioning the mash tun, this created sufficient space for the new copper and hot liquor tank.

To install the new equipment the redundant hot liquor tank and copper had to firstly be disconnected and removed from site and in addition the platform extending from the mezzanine
floor modified to accept the repositioned grist case which required new support legs off of the
mash tun. This rearrangement had the added advantage of providing a direct gravity feed of malt
into the mash tun. Once all new and modified equipment was in place it then had to be electrically
and mechanically installed which involved modifications to the existing control panel, flowplate
and piping system.

As part of the project, Gravity System also installed a condensing system to the copper to
eliminate aromas affecting the local residents.

By detailed planning and working closely with the brewery the complete changeover was
completed with the minimum amount of disruption to the breweries operation.

Kernel Brewery